Jared Clements

Although I grew up in the church, I certainly didn’t understand the life of a believer in Christ.  My childhood included a lot of rejection from my classmates and a lot of bullying.  I never really felt like I fit in; I was always trying to be someone that I wasn’t.

By the time I was in high school, my life had become a mess.  I became an addict; I had numerous run-ins with the law.  I hated God.  I wanted nothing to do with Jesus, and I can remember my pastor coming to me on numerous occasions and how each time I thoroughly rejected the Lord.

Eventually my legal problems required me to go to a drug and alcohol rehab and I ended up at Teen Challenge which is a Christian drug and alcohol long-term program shortly after I graduated high school in the year 2000.  I rededicated my life to Christ and quickly found that all the things I was looking for in life were found in Jesus.  My heart developed the desire to minister to others and it just made sense to me that I should pursue a life that was dedicated to helping others to know Jesus.

After completing Teen Challenge, I spent some time in a halfway house surrounding myself with godly men and accountability before attending Calvary Chapel Bible College and completing an associate’s degree in theology in December of 2003.  I also met my wife while attending Bible College and we were married in June 2005.

We have been involved in many different ministries over the years as Sunday school teachers, helping with multimedia reproduction, as youth group assistants, we began a college age Bible study, we became middle school youth leaders and eventually went to the mission field in September of 2012 in the Dominican Republic where we were blessed to serve for 5 years.

Each day we look for opportunities to serve the Lord and the church He has blessed us to be a part of.  In January of 2019 the Lord led us to begin a prayer ministry during each service at the church, praying over the services and needs of the congregation.  My wife and I also enjoy missions and had the privilege recently of a family mission trip to Guatemala.

Assistant Pastor

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