Kathy Blecker

I grew up in Flemington, New Jersey with my mom, dad and older sister, Susan. After graduating high school, I began studying Journalism at West Virginia University. My time there was marked by pain and confusion, as my mother had been diagnosed with colon cancer the summer before I began my college studies. By the time I left for school, we knew that the cancer had spread to her liver and the scenario was not good. Although I had attended church throughout my childhood, I had very little knowledge of God and lived a very selfish life with no thought of Him. Consequently, I had no peace, joy or stability in my life. My mother’s illness shook my world even further.

As a family, we decided that we needed to live closer together in order to help my mom through the chemo treatments. At this time, my sister lived in Maryland. My parents sold our home in New Jersey to move to Maryland, while I applied for a transfer to the University of Maryland to begin the spring semester of my sophomore year. Less than a week before the scheduled move, my mom died.

Following her death, and entering into a completely new environment, I plunged into a deep depression. Over time, though, the Lord began revealing Himself to me through various means and people in my life. The most significant of those means was the Word of God. As I began reading the Bible, I found comfort in the words, particularly in the Psalms. As I continued reading about the life, death, resurrection, message, and mission of Jesus Christ, I realized that I was a sinner in need of a Savior. Eventually, I surrendered my life to Him, and stand amazed at the depths of joy, peace, love, forgiveness, and hope I have experienced since that time.

My entire perspective changed. My ambitions for a lucrative career in advertising were replaced with a desire to serve the Lord. I have had the opportunity to work in “secular” environments among unbelievers, as well as within ministries focused on proclaiming the good news about Jesus. Both have provided opportunities to share my faith, and have brought blessings and challenges to strengthen me in my relationship with the Lord. I began working full-time here at Calvary Chapel of Delta in January 2004.

So, what do I actually do here? The simple answer is: I multi-task. Specifically, I take care of general administrative/office duties; coordinate the sponsor-side of “In Calvary’s Care;” maintain the church website; coordinate volunteers & support ministry leaders; promote events; etc. I also enjoy volunteering as a Sunday School teacher in the 8-9 class and helping with the kids’ worship time.

Areas of Oversight: “In Calvary’s Care” (Dominican Republic Child Sponsorship), Website, Communications, General Office Duties

  • 717-456-7600