Mike & Andrea Sukits


I was born and raised in western PA. While I was always exposed to church, attended regularly, and went on retreats with other Christians, I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. I didn’t really even know what that meant. Even though I still didn’t have a relationship with Jesus, I always felt the importance of being around church, in church, and would occasionally be in the word. I know now that the Lord was drawing me near him so that I would accept him in my life when I made the decision to do so. His loving grace and patience through my defiance is now a testimony to me of how faithful He is.

I was blessed to meet my wife Andrea, who had already been saved. An early discussion ended up becoming the foundation of our life together – the desire to learn more about Jesus and study the bible together. Calvary Chapel was already her church and I began joining her at Sunday service. My hunger for the Word only grew from there and I’ve since been blessed with opportunities to serve Him. Through my journey in this life, I have experienced the difficulties that come as a result of my sin, but it only serves to reinforce how thankful I am for what Jesus did for me on the Cross.


While I was baptized a Christian and brought up in the church, my understanding was limited, and my desires were worldly. I had no comprehension of what it meant to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. It was only after experiencing death, deceit, loss, betrayal, illness and financial struggles (within a short period of time) that I fell to my knees, humbled, and lifted my eyes to the Lord. It was through the midst of this storm when I was HOPELESS, that God changed my heart and my desires for HIS WILL to be done. As my walk continues today, so do the trials and tribulations, but my faith is unshaken and my strength comes from the Lord.

We joined the Ministry Leadership team in 2017 and joyfully serve with a dedicated team of greeters who share in the Lord’s love for his people.

Mike & Andrea lead the Greeting Ministry.