Steve & Christine Lawhorne


I was blessed to be born and raised in a Christian home. I believed in God and Jesus but never had a personal relationship with Jesus. The only Bible verse I knew was John 3:16 and believed it wholeheartedly. I went out in the world for many years always believing God was there and that He loved, cared for and protected me. People would say they are praying for this and that and I never really got it…I never prayed and didn’t know how to. My worldly life grew old with lots of turmoil. I started attending church again, but still no real relationship with Jesus. One Saturday at a ladies event during worship, I was singing a song and for the first time I really spoke to God—I prayed—and asked Him to help me and guide me and come into my life. Now I knew what it meant to pray! I attended many churches, but never felt I had a real church home until I attended CC Delta in January of 2009. I knew the first time visiting it was my home and immediately began serving. I thank the Lord often for my church family and the various ways He has me serving.

Christine serves as the Children’s Ministry Administrator. Steve & Christine are also part of the Pastoral Care Team.