Department: Church Staff

Silas Angelino

For the majority of my life, I grew up in a Calvary Chapel. My family moved from Allentown to Lancaster when I was 5, which is when we first started attending Calvary Chapel of Lancaster. I loved Scripture — reading it, memorizing it (a majority through a local AWANA program), and studying it. I came to understand my need for Jesus when I was 8, which is when my dad helped me “pray the salvation prayer,” as it were. I came to a better understanding of my faith when I was 12, which is when I got baptized at CCoL.

As a teenager, I discovered my passion for music, and how I was able to express myself through song. Music became an incredible tool for me to show my love to God, and to communicate my praise to Him. To continue in developing my gift, I began attending Lancaster Bible College — first as a JumpStart student when I was a junior and senior in high school, then as a full-time student in the Worship Arts program starting in 2017.

In 2017, I got engaged to my high school sweetheart, Quinn. We were still very young — I was 18, she was 19. And yet, we knew that this was God’s timing, and we were ready to begin our lives together. I was a freshman in college when we got engaged, and we got married in May 2018, which was my sophomore year. Being married during college was a bit of struggle, especially when we had our daughter in February 2019, but my time there at LBC was absolutely invaluable to my growth in faith.

At the beginning of 2020, I was earnestly searching for God’s direction for my life. The pandemic kept me home for a bit, and it helped me realize that my priorities were not in the right places. I had put too much of myself into school, work, and church; and I had almost no time with my own family. Because of this, I decided to withdraw from school. God eventually led us to where we are today, and I am very grateful to be serving the community with my family.

My mission is to help the Church in their understanding and participation in worship, and to make it a daily expression, rather than a thing reserved for a service.

Kathy Blecker

I grew up in Flemington, New Jersey with my mom, dad and older sister, Susan. After graduating high school, I began studying Journalism at West Virginia University. My time there was marked by pain and confusion, as my mother had been diagnosed with colon cancer the summer before I began my college studies. By the time I left for school, we knew that the cancer had spread to her liver and the scenario was not good. Although I had attended church throughout my childhood, I had very little knowledge of God and lived a very selfish life with no thought of Him. Consequently, I had no peace, joy or stability in my life. My mother’s illness shook my world even further.

As a family, we decided that we needed to live closer together in order to help my mom through the chemo treatments. At this time, my sister lived in Maryland. My parents sold our home in New Jersey to move to Maryland, while I applied for a transfer to the University of Maryland to begin the spring semester of my sophomore year. Less than a week before the scheduled move, my mom died.

Following her death, and entering into a completely new environment, I plunged into a deep depression. Over time, though, the Lord began revealing Himself to me through various means and people in my life. The most significant of those means was the Word of God. As I began reading the Bible, I found comfort in the words, particularly in the Psalms. As I continued reading about the life, death, resurrection, message, and mission of Jesus Christ, I realized that I was a sinner in need of a Savior. Eventually, I surrendered my life to Him, and stand amazed at the depths of joy, peace, love, forgiveness, and hope I have experienced since that time.

My entire perspective changed. My ambitions for a lucrative career in advertising were replaced with a desire to serve the Lord. I have had the opportunity to work in “secular” environments among unbelievers, as well as within ministries focused on proclaiming the good news about Jesus. Both have provided opportunities to share my faith, and have brought blessings and challenges to strengthen me in my relationship with the Lord. I began working full-time here at Calvary Chapel of Delta in January 2004.

So, what do I actually do here? The simple answer is: I multi-task. Specifically, I take care of general administrative/office duties; coordinate the sponsor-side of “In Calvary’s Care;” maintain the church website; coordinate volunteers & support ministry leaders; promote events; etc. I also enjoy volunteering as a Sunday School teacher in the 8-9 class and helping with the kids’ worship time.

Jared Clements

Although I grew up in the church, I certainly didn’t understand the life of a believer in Christ.  My childhood included a lot of rejection from my classmates and a lot of bullying.  I never really felt like I fit in; I was always trying to be someone that I wasn’t.

By the time I was in high school, my life had become a mess.  I became an addict; I had numerous run-ins with the law.  I hated God.  I wanted nothing to do with Jesus, and I can remember my pastor coming to me on numerous occasions and how each time I thoroughly rejected the Lord.

Eventually my legal problems required me to go to a drug and alcohol rehab and I ended up at Teen Challenge which is a Christian drug and alcohol long-term program shortly after I graduated high school in the year 2000.  I rededicated my life to Christ and quickly found that all the things I was looking for in life were found in Jesus.  My heart developed the desire to minister to others and it just made sense to me that I should pursue a life that was dedicated to helping others to know Jesus.

After completing Teen Challenge, I spent some time in a halfway house surrounding myself with godly men and accountability before attending Calvary Chapel Bible College and completing an associate’s degree in theology in December of 2003.  I also met my wife while attending Bible College and we were married in June 2005.

We have been involved in many different ministries over the years as Sunday school teachers, helping with multimedia reproduction, as youth group assistants, we began a college age Bible study, we became middle school youth leaders and eventually went to the mission field in September of 2012 in the Dominican Republic where we were blessed to serve for 5 years.

Each day we look for opportunities to serve the Lord and the church He has blessed us to be a part of.  In January of 2019 the Lord led us to begin a prayer ministry during each service at the church, praying over the services and needs of the congregation.  My wife and I also enjoy missions and had the privilege recently of a family mission trip to Guatemala.

Doug McClean

It’s a joy to be able to serve the Lord as pastor here at Calvary! It wasn’t my plan, my idea, or my objective; but I’m thankful for the way the Holy Spirit redirected me and brought me to this place.

I grew up south of Baltimore in Anne Arundel County, Maryland, with my mom, dad, older sister, and younger brother. My parents faithfully took us to church every week. They sent me to a Christian elementary school. I learned a lot about the Bible, but beginning in my teenage years, I began to live life my own way. The truth I knew didn’t affect the way I chose to live. I was a rebel. When I left home to go to college, I left many moral barriers behind. It seemed fun, but left me empty. I knew something was wrong. I reasoned that my choice of friends had led me down the wrong path, so I transferred to a different school after my first year. I was fine for a few months, but then I got bored and decided to join a fraternity. In just a few short months, I was worse than before. It was a crazy lifestyle. One good thing that came out of my time there was that I met my wife, Susan.

My life changed when Susan’s dad called one day. I’ll never forget it. He was broken and weeping. He had just discovered that his wife had cancer throughout her body. When Susan heard the news we quickly gathered some things to head to her parents’ house in New Jersey. In that moment, I remembered that the Bible was God’s word. We grabbed a Bible and began to read, looking for hope.

Over the next several months, we read the Bible and listened to radio Bible teaching. I discovered life-changing, impacting truth in God’s Word. Through the process of digging into the Bible seeking answers, both Susan and I individually entered into a relationship with Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior, surrendering our lives to Him.

We were married in June of 1989. In July of the following year (1990) we had our first child. The Lord has blessed us with five children—two boys and three girls.

As we sought the Lord, we longed for a fellowship centered on God’s word. We heard expositional teaching on the radio and loved it; we wondered, “Why doesn’t a church simply teach the Bible?” We spent years searching for a fellowship. Then through a series of events, the Lord eventually led us to a Calvary Chapel. The pastor was teaching through Daniel, line by line, verse by verse. We couldn’t get enough!

I sensed a call on my life, but didn’t know the details. I thought we were going to be missionaries in a foreign country and we began to prepare to go. While waiting for more direction, we began to serve any way we could at Calvary—from helping set up for services, to watching toddlers; from teaching Sunday School to teaching new believers; from leading home Bible studies to serving on the Board. It was a joy to help. I was praying diligently, seeking for direction and where to begin to teach a Bible study next.

Then one evening I met a few young men who had made the journey from Delta to Calvary for the mid-week Bible Study. Knowing they had traveled quite a distance, I asked if they had ever considered having a home Bible study. They said they had and had been praying for someone to teach one. I went to the pastor, we prayed, and sensed the Lord opening a door to minister to those who were driving from Delta for church.

The first Sunday evening we met, 12 people gathered for prayer. The next week, 20 people gathered for the first Bible study. After a few months, 50 people were gathering weekly to worship and study God’s word. That was the summer of 1996. Then in November, I was ordained and sent with Calvary’s blessing to start Sunday morning services in Delta. Subsequently, I went through the affiliation process and was approved to become a part of Calvary Chapel Outreach Fellowships (an association of Calvary Chapel ministries throughout the world).

As I’ve been teaching through the entire Bible, verse by verse, it’s been amazing to watch the Holy Spirit work. I’ve been encouraged to see what the Lord does through the simple teaching of His word. Over the years, we’ve been blessed to see lives radically transformed, coming to faith in Christ, equipped for ministry, and sent into the world to represent Him. God, by His grace, has enabled us to be involved in missions around the world, including the blessing of being able to start and maintain a child sponsorship program in the Dominican Republic and, from that ministry, establishing a church in the Dominican Republic.

Above all, I am thankful to be saved, to be a child of the living God. I’m thankful for my faithful wife who loves Jesus, educates our children at home and supports and enables me practically to serve the Lord. I’m thankful for the privilege of being a parent, and for the joy of watching the Lord work in my children’s lives. I enjoy running, lifting weights, exercising with my family, and I’m a big fan of my children’s sports teams.

It’s been a wonderful journey, so far! I’m looking forward to what the Lord will continue to do as we wait for His return. I’m determined to continue teaching through the WORD, trusting the Holy Spirit to work and to accomplish the Lord’s purpose in our community!