Good Friday

“Words of Love from the Cross”

Easter Sunday

“Words from Our Risen Lord”


All services will be held in a large, heated tent with overflow seating available in the main building for those who would like more comfortable chairs or need to be closer to the restroom.

Restrooms are located in the church building, and a portable restroom is also available on the grounds near the tent. We have a shuttle running between the parking lot, building, and tent for those who need assistance.

Children’s ministry is provided through age 5 on Good Friday, and through age 12 at 9:00 & 11:00 AM on Easter Sunday.

Our children’s ministry seeks to provide age-specific classes and childcare for all kids. They’ll learn the Bible for themselves at an age-appropriate level, be given a snack, and will be invited to a special presentation involving lambs that they can pet and play with.

We pray that children’s ministry here at Calvary will not only enable you as the parent/guardian to receive from the teaching of God’s Word personally, but also be able to provide your child with Biblical teaching to help them grow in a safe & loving environment.

If you’re uncomfortable putting your child in children’s ministry, we have overflow seating in the building, as well as a nursing mothers’ room, to allow you to be in service, while limiting distractions for others in attendance.

First Time?

Pre-register your kids here

Each service will be roughly 75 minutes, and will consist of worship & Bible teaching.


Download the post below, or share the link to invite family & friends to join you this Easter!