Broadcast Schedule

FloridaGainesville94.7 FMWGLJ-LPMonday-Friday5:30 AM
FloridaMiami104.7 FMWAYG-LPMonday-Friday9:00 PM
MarylandBaltimore97.5 FM & 101.9 HD-4HOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM & 4:30 PM
MarylandChestertown101.5 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM & 4:30 PM
MarylandCumberland97.1 FMWLIC Reveal FMMonday-Friday9:30 PM
MarylandRising Sun89.1 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM & 4:30 PM
New JerseyAtlantic City97.7 FM & 104.9 FM HD-4HOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
New JerseyBarnegat Light88.1 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
New JerseyMount Laurel94.9 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
New JerseySouth Jersey90.5 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
New JerseyTuckerton102.3 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
New YorkAmherst94.9 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkAttica107.3 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkAuburn101.1 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkBatavia102.9 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkBuffalo93.3 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkCorfu97.5 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkCortland106.5 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkDansville97.5 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkEast Ithaca102.3 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkIthaca104.1 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkRochester99.7 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
New YorkSyracuse103.5 FMWZXV The WordMonday-Friday5:00 AM
PennsylvaniaChester Springs97.1 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
PennsylvaniaGreensburg100.3 FMGraceFMMonday-Friday1:30 PM
PennsylvaniaHarrisburg100.3 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
PennsylvaniaHershey100.9 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
PennsylvaniaHoney Brook94.9 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
PennsylvaniaLancaster95.3 & 99.1 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
PennsylvaniaLancaster97.7 FMTRUTH FMMonday-Saturday11:30 PM
PennsylvaniaLebanon93.1 FMTRUTH FMMonday-Saturday11:30 PM
PennsylvaniaPhiladelphia90.5 & 94.9 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
PennsylvaniaPottstown101.7 FMHOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
PennsylvaniaReading106.3 FMTRUTH FMMonday-Saturday11:30 PM
PennsylvaniaWestern Berks County98.7 FMTRUTH FMMonday-Saturday11:30 PM
PennsylvaniaYork96.1 FM HD-3HOPE FMMonday-Friday6:30 AM
ConnecticutUncasvilleOnline OnlyChanged Life RadioMonday-Saturday5:30 AM

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02 – February

February 1Genesis 33Mark 4Esther 9-10Romans 4
February 2Genesis 34Mark 5Job 1Romans 5
February 3Genesis 35-36Mark 6Job 2Romans 6
February 4Genesis 37Mark 7Job 3Romans 7
February 5Genesis 38Mark 8Job 4Romans 8
February 6Genesis 39Mark 9Job 5Romans 9
February 7Genesis 40Mark 10Job 6Romans 10
February 8Genesis 41Mark 11Job 7Romans 11
February 9Genesis 42Mark 12Job 8Romans 12
February 10Genesis 43Mark 13Job 9Romans 13
February 11Genesis 44Mark 14Job 10Romans 14
February 12Genesis 45Mark 15Job 11Romans 15
February 13Genesis 46Mark 16Job 12Romans 16
February 14Genesis 47Luke 1:1-38Job 131 Corinthians 1
February 15Genesis 48Luke 1:39-80Job 141 Corinthians 2
February 16Genesis 49Luke 2Job 151 Corinthians 3
February 17Genesis 50Luke 3Job 16-171 Corinthians 4
February 18Exodus 1Luke 4Job 181 Corinthians 5
February 19Exodus 2Luke 5Job 191 Corinthians 6
February 20Exodus 3Luke 6Job 201 Corinthians 7
February 21Exodus 4Luke 7Job 211 Corinthians 8
February 22Exodus 5Luke 8Job 221 Corinthians 9
February 23Exodus 6Luke 9Job 231 Corinthians 10
February 24Exodus 7Luke 10Job 241 Corinthians 11
February 25Exodus 8Luke 11Job 25-261 Corinthians 12
February 26Exodus 9Luke 12Job 271 Corinthians 13
February 27Exodus 10Luke 13Job 281 Corinthians 14
February 28Exodus 11:1-12:21Luke 14Job 291 Corinthians 15

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01 – January

January 1Genesis 1Matthew 1Ezra 1Acts 1
January 2Genesis 2Matthew 2Ezra 2Acts 2
January 3Genesis 3Matthew 3Ezra 3Acts 3
January 4Genesis 4Matthew 4Ezra 4Acts 4
January 5Genesis 5Matthew 5Ezra 5Acts 5
January 6Genesis 6Matthew 6Ezra 6Acts 6
January 7Genesis 7Matthew 7Ezra 7Acts 7
January 8Genesis 8Matthew 8Ezra 8Acts 8
January 9Genesis 9-10Matthew 9Ezra 9Acts 9
January 10Genesis 11Matthew 10Ezra 10Acts 10
January 11Genesis 12Matthew 11Nehemiah 1Acts 11
January 12Genesis 13Matthew 12Nehemiah 2Acts 12
January 13Genesis 14Matthew 13Nehemiah 3Acts 13
January 14Genesis 15Matthew 14Nehemiah 4Acts 14
January 15Genesis 16Matthew 15Nehemiah 5Acts 15
January 16Genesis 17Matthew 16Nehemiah 6Acts 16
January 17Genesis 18Matthew 17Nehemiah 7Acts 17
January 18Genesis 19Matthew 18Nehemiah 8Acts 18
January 19Genesis 20Matthew 19Nehemiah 9Acts 19
January 20Genesis 21Matthew 20Nehemiah 10Acts 20
January 21Genesis 22Matthew 21Nehemiah 11Acts 21
January 22Genesis 23Matthew 22Nehemiah 12Acts 22
January 23Genesis 24Matthew 23Nehemiah 13Acts 23
January 24Genesis 25Matthew 24Esther 1Acts 24
January 25Genesis 26Matthew 25Esther 2Acts 25
January 26Genesis 27Matthew 26Esther 3Acts 26
January 27Genesis 28Matthew 27Esther 4Acts 27
January 28Genesis 29Matthew 28Esther 5Acts 28
January 29Genesis 30Mark 1Esther 6Romans 1
January 30Genesis 31Mark 2Esther 7Romans 2
January 31Genesis 32Mark 3Esther 8Romans 3

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Children’s Ministry

We have a fully-staffed Nursery and Children’s Ministry where your child will be cared for and taught about Jesus on their level during the service. We will provide nursery, toddler room, and classes for 2 -3 year-olds, and 4-5 year-olds in the building for both services. You may drop-off your children 10-15 minutes before service starts. Children 6 and older will join their families in the tent to worship and celebrate the birth of Jesus!

The Special Needs class will be held on Christmas Eve at 4:00 PM & Christmas Day.

If your child has never attended classes at CC Delta, you can register them here ahead of time: CHILDREN’S MINISTRY REGISTRATION

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Planning Your Visit

As you arrive on our grounds, parking attendants will direct you to an available spot in our lot. Once parked, you can walk down, behind our building, to the tent where our services will be held. Be sure to stop by our coffee trailer on the way down to help yourself to a hot drink before the service.
Restrooms are located in the church building, and a portable restroom is also available on the grounds near the tent. Need Assistance? We will have a shuttle running between the parking lot, building, and tent.

You do not need to reserve a seat or register for any of our services. We will provide overflow seating in the sanctuary in the building during both services for those who would like more comfortable chairs.

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Cover Processing Fees

Subsplash Giving now gives you the option to pay the fees that online giving incur. You have the option opt-in to increase the size of your gift to cover these processing fees! When submitting a new gift or editing an existing recurring gift, simply check the box for “Cover processing fee” and the processing fees will be added to your gift so that your organization receives the full amount of your intended gift. When you cover processing fees, you are still credited with the full amount of your gift for tax purposes.

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