Andrew McClean


Over the last month, a lot has continued to change here in the Dominican Republic. Covid19 restrictions have changed in June, it was tighter in most of the provinces, including Barahona because of the percentage of positive cases of Covid19.
We continued having the family meetings, where we are still able to share the gospel with all of the parents that come to the meetings of In Calvary’s Care.
We are still meeting with the kids of 13 and up every Saturday morning to have the bible classes and activities. We meet with a group at 8:30 am and with another group at 10:00 am. The kids are learning. Please, pray they give their lives to Christ.
Also, we can meet with the families every month to share the gospel with them, encourage them, and pray for them.
The well continues to work very well, many people come every day for water, and we continue distributing the water to the houses that are connected with the pipes.
At the church, we continue to meet three days a week. Right now we are studying 1 Peter, Numbers we are finishing the book of Hebrews.
Thank you for praying for us and thank you for your support.
In Christ’s love
Pastor Vicente Carrasco.

Missions Update


Dear church family,

I want to thank you for constantly praying for us, we have seen the Lord's hands in our lives.

There isn't much new to say. Our church keep growning in the Word, we are still studying the wonderful book of Acts, it's been a great blessing to us.

I also see a loving atmosphere in the church, which I see it as a sign of the work of the Holy Spirit. We also have new people coming to church, which is great.

As you know we have the food bank to help people as the Lord provides, in the last month we haven't been able to help much, but we are still helping and that is a blessing in this time where many people here are in great need.

We still are facing challenges. Our economic situation is very tight, there's times where we don't know how we will pay our bills (rent, taxes, insurance, etc). But the Lord always surprises us providing for the needs.

Another challenge comes from the presure that we are facing as christian in Spain. It's becoming harder and harder to share and even live our faith in this sociaty. our government continues approving laws that promote homoxesuality as a lifestyle forcing schools to teach and promote this ideology. I think we are for this reason, to share in love the Gospel so that people know the truth and truth set them free. People are in darkness, so we know they need to know the truth in order to come to the light. So pray for us so that the Lord give us boldnes to share the good news in Lorca, and praying for our city so that their eyes would be open.

God bless you,
Lewis Gonell